Sunday, 20 December 2009

Space -- A Definition

Space can be part of a structure. A concrete entity -- bounded and obvious. 

It can be a more tenuously defined area without concrete structures but with a boundary -- a limit.

Or it can be limitless with occupying bodies but no boundaries nothing defined and nothing concrete.

Space, Within:

Space, Bounded:

Space, Limitless:

Each space has particular connotations.  
They are formed by what we place in these spaces.  These individual pieces create our imagination of places and the spaces they reside in or make up.

[1] All photos by Rae Mearkle

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Textures and Reflections

Textures are the skin of a structure.  It is the surface that is cursorily examined and the structure deemed stable and trustworthy. 

The surface does sometimes speak of the inside and sometimes not.

The inevitable scrutiny of time and the elements can add a pleasant patina of wear or they can speak of deep problems that will eventually corrupt the whole framework.  It is all in the eye of the beholder.

Textures on structures:

Reflections of structures as texture:

Structures as textures:

[1] all photos by Rae Mearkle

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Details - Surface and Below


Our environment reflects us.  I take great inspiration from the hidden details and caught moments of the world around me.  

What is there?  How do I see it?  How do I catch it?  How does it speak to me?

Like with dreams and the dreamer, photographs speak about the photographer -- the hidden subject.  The interpreter only sees what you show them.[2]



[1] All 'still life' photos by Rae Mearkle
[2] Design by Rae Mearkle Photo by Simon B Armitt

Blanks and Generalizations

Inhabited and Not...[1]

Once I had a form that spoke; that had an inherent narrative, a connection to the fabled human heart, how was I to manipulate this elocution to represent a state of feeling? 

Representation of feeling is what I am after.  My feelings are present strictly because I am making the jewellery.  I have to feel or at least empathize with the feelings in order to know I am successful.  However, my feelings will never be the same as anyone else's and thus I attempt to create a general state not a specific evocation. The wearer's connection should transcend my existence.  I do not matter.

I use the associations attached to texture, color and contrast to modify and evoke. Darkness; lightness, polished; matte, patterned; blank, cracked; whole, inhabited; not...


[1] Design by Rae Mearkle Photos by Simon B Armitt

Friday, 11 December 2009

Questions and Some Answers

Questions: The individual’s feelings: How we accept our feelings, how we align ourselves through our feelings, where these feelings 'live' and/or are placed, and how to represent this within the format of jewellery?

We build an outer persona that we display to the world, whether it be truthful and complete or not.  We use jewellery to enhance, display and communicate this persona.    

But how I want my jewellery to function within this framework is as a more personal, deeper felt reflection of ourselves. 

I want the unknown essences; the un-seen, kept feelings.  
Those that not just reside inside but also form or erode our hearts and minds.

I began with the thought and progressed to a form...the form of the corner. 

A necessary human made structure with ambiguous meanings:

People look at it as a refuge,
 Or it is a suspenseful trap in which choices are few,
Or a place of last resort where that which is not desired is placed to be ignored

Like poetry and music, these corners are read between the lines. They “hide and remain-take place- in the space that isolates the stanzas and amid the margins of the paper: such significant silence that it is no less crucial to compose than the verses themselves[1].”    

They are a peek behind the veil; a feeling to be examined; a reflection to be caught. 

[1] Mallarme’
[2] Designs by Rae Mearkle, Photo by Simon B Armitt

Past Exhibitions

Pop up Jewellery Shop -- Dialogue 9,

Jewellery for 20 Quid!, 146 Columbia Rd., London, UK

June 11-June 27. 2010

THE ROLE OF ART, Luxury Goods IX, Courtyard Theatre, London UK

April 27-May 2, 2010

FLUX, Brilliantly Birmingham, Birmingham Musem of Art, Birmingham, UK

November 2009 – February 2010

PAUSE, MA Degree Show, Sir John Cass School of Art, London Metropolitan University, London, UK

September 2009

NEW DESIGNERS, Business Design Centre , London, UK

July 7- 14, 2009

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