Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Details - Surface and Below


Our environment reflects us.  I take great inspiration from the hidden details and caught moments of the world around me.  

What is there?  How do I see it?  How do I catch it?  How does it speak to me?

Like with dreams and the dreamer, photographs speak about the photographer -- the hidden subject.  The interpreter only sees what you show them.[2]



[1] All 'still life' photos by Rae Mearkle
[2] Design by Rae Mearkle Photo by Simon B Armitt


Sandra Blakely said...

Hi Rae! Great move. You and I share an interest in architecture. Love the shots! Especially love the old and the new simultaneously. It is indeed a reflection of our human condition. Where would I be if I actually bought food and medicines and did not have a computer!!!

Eliana Tomás said...

Great shots Rae. There's so much in them all. Building, rebuilding, broken spaces, and continuing to rebuilding... it's all about human condition.

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