Friday, 14 May 2010

Construction: The Parts and the Whole

How does one make a statement?

How is that statement constructed?

What are the signifiers?

Do we piece together -- building a whole from the parts?

Or do we breakdown the whole to a single part?

Does each part carry the same meaning as the whole?

How does the viewer read the signifiers?

Does the whole make its statement if it is out of context?

Does the statement need an explanation or a statement of intent from the artist?


[1] All photographs and jewellery by Rae Mearkle


Eliana Tomás said...

first, great shots. i want one corner.
second, too many questions make me spin, but to all of them i can answer one thing: I am a whole who is made of millions of parts, and the more i learn about myself the more parts belong to my whole - the more cracks i have, the more healing, the more scars and of course the more smiles too.

Rae Mearkle, G.G. (GIA), MA (Cass) said...

Thank you for the compliments, Eli. I am glad you have responded in such a personal manner. This essence of connecting emotionally to an object via its semiosis is what I love to explore. Everyone feels. It's depicting those feelings -- that is tricky. I am very glad you connect to the work. I believe it was Degas who said and I paraphrase, "If one person gets one painting then I am a successful artist."

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