Monday, 21 June 2010

Pop Up Jewellery Shop

It was a challenge to create works that would retail for 20 GBP and still have significance for me and be interesting conceptually and visually.

The logical considerations for making a feasible design monetarily were:

Option 1:  Use free or very inexpensive materials and expend my TIME.

Option 2: Expend no time and spend cash on materials.

I chose Option 3: Two free materials, One expensive material used sparingly, and a sensible amount of time.

The connotations of the materials and the multi-layered
interpretations those connotations afford were my over-riding focus.

A pen given away for free by one of the UK's largest banks.  22-kt gold leaf applied to the ink reservoir and white house paint.

A pen worn clipped to the shirt pocket.  A thoughtful gift given.  A tongue-in-cheek work of art calling attention to an unstable basis for economic feasibility.

It is the thought that counts.

Needless to say, this is a departure from my usual jewellery visually but it shares the subtlety of my other work. It is not an obvious one-line statement. You have to pay attention to catch all the nuances.

All the rest of the participating artists chose their own interpretation of what £20 jewellery should be and worked that into their personal styles.

The opening went very well with lots of participants and attendees.

and there will be a second opening this Friday June 25th from 4 until...

So come join us and see the plethera of works for £20!

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